Light Curing Coatings, Fillers, and Putties Technology

During our development work with light curing resins, we have found many less expensive base resins that will work in place of the higher priced (oligimers) that are used in UV-A curing. If you have a requirement for, a photo-curable resin coating, please let us quote on your requirements. We have been able to reduce the cost of coating for many customers by 10 - 35%, with exactly the same properties.

With a one component light curing system from Sunrez, novel surface fillers can be produced and packaged in tubes, that can be handled by the user simply and without the need for further additives. This does away with any need to meter and mix the filler resin with curing agents, and all the disadvantages and inconvenience this involves, such as wrong ratios, wasted material, soiling, extra-clean up, separate storage of ingredients, etc. All that is needed is to squeeze the required amount of surface filler out of the tube, spread it and cure it under a suitable lamp or in sunlight. The remaining contents of the tube can again be stored, with no loss of properties. Since very little waste is produced, the method is very economical.

The surface fillers can be used not only for repair work, but also for cementing virtually all transparent glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester laminates. Glass laminates up to 20 mm (3/4”+) thick can be fully irradiated and cured.