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Sunrez LS Process

A Brand New Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding Production System


Sunrez’s LS- VARTM Process excels with all types of resins. ALL catalyzed resins, Epoxies, Phenolics and Light curing resins (of course).

Sunrez has developed a new wrinkle in VARTM. This is a brand new direction in VARTM.

LS Process works with all resin systems (THICK OR THIN).

This system has been developed with the production part builder in mind.

The Sunrez LS Process was developed to accomplish things which have not been possible with VARTM ever before.

  • Resin to thick? No problem!
  • Need extra fast filling of large parts? No Problem!
  • Need extra slow filling of large parts? No problem!
  • Need fast and slow filling in the same part? No problem!
  • To much Styrene in your resin and air diet? No problem!
  • Need Zone filling for especially difficult parts? No problem!
  • Need different resins in the same part in different area? No problem!
  • Do you need a TRUE Production System for ALL your parts? No problem!
  • Generate lots of trash building your VARTM/scrimp type part? No problem!
  • Having Lots of problems? Paying LOT$ of MONEY? No problem!

We invite comparisons with ALL other VARTM type processes.

Do you need High Production Speed solutions in your fiberglass lamination process?

Need a special resin? That’s our business.

Sunrez is THE SOURCE in Polyester and Vinyl-ester Resins, Putties, SunPregs, Vacuum forming of composites, and Filament winding at unheard of speeds.

Remember that our Light Cure Resin Systems can be fully cured over 1/2” thick, with glass levels up to 73% in under 5 minutes!!!

To try some of our products, please visit our products page or call us.

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Sunrez LS Process

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