Light Cure Systems for the US Navy

SunPreg for Ship Section

Making SunPreg for Ship Section Demonstration. Shelf life was shown to be over 6 months under ambient conditions (NO refrigeration).

Storage of SunPreg

Storage of SunPreg until use. Rolls were stored for over 3 months outside under cover.

SunPreg over Transverse Stiffener Form

Crew placing SunPreg over Transverse Stiffener form. The fastest way we have ever used.

Sweeping down SunPreg

Sweeping down of a Sunrez Light Cure SunPreg using our high tech gantry and motion system.

Curing Stiffeners on Platform Deck

Curing Stiffeners on the Platform Deck. All deck and longitudinal stiffeners built using our the SunPreg System.

Stiffener Laminate

Stiffener laminate was laminated over male mold. Only center section was cured and wings left as wet SunPreg.

Layup of SunPreg stiffener

Layup of SunPreg stiffener. Wings were overed with aluminum foil prior to curing.

Finished SunPreg Stiffener

Finished SunPreg stiffener attached to SunPreg Hull Section.

US NAVY Hull Section

US NAVY Hull Section Demonstration. This is the largest light cure prepreg (SunPreg) part ever built.

Completed SunPreg Hull

Completed SunPreg hull being delivered to holding area. Sort of a extra Wide Load (20’) for 2 lane roads.

Hull in Storage Area

Hull in storage area, awaiting C-5 A transport.

Loading SunPreg Hull Section

Loading SunPreg hull section in a C-5A for shipment from San Diego to Patuxent River MD.