The Company

Sunrez was founded in 1986 by Dr. Novis Smith and Mark Livesay. Over the last 30 years Sunrez has developed a greater understanding about formulation and applications of light curing resin compositions than any other company in the world. Most of the light curing putties used around the world are based on either Sunrez resins or technology.

Sunrez experience includes having built the largest composite parts and developing the largest knowledge base in existence for light curing resin compositions. Sunrez also holds key patents in the use and application of light curing resins that include technologies in the area of resin infusion (VARTM), reduction of styrene emissions, prepregging, patching, joining, repair and new composite fabrication.

Sunrez has developed light curing resin systems for unique applications as either coatings or composite materials. These systems allow the fabricator to effectively produce economical, high quality coatings and composites at a lower cost than conventional peroxide (MEKP) cured resin systems.

Sunrez has increasingly applied its knowledge of coatings, composite materials, and fabrication technologies to programs in support of the US military that range from increased weather resistance to light weight armoring materials.